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The owner of this blog is a self-proclaimed evil mastermind and steampunk aficionado with an unhealthy love of all things related to fantasy, sci-fi, & mythology. Occasionally, you will find bits of cosplay and fandom related nonsense. Enjoy.

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Flight Rising gets educational


Flight Rising gets educational

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I’m back and want to clear out my lair and hoard give back to the community, so I’m hosting a giveaway! One lucky winner will receive all you see above:

  • Apparel: Sunguard Chest, Illuminated Sash, Sky Blue Arm Silks, Golden Tail Bangle, Erroded Crystalhide, Naturalist Adornments, Thresher Flatfins, Gold Steampunk Wings, Runebead Necklace, Electrified Sash, Lemongrass Feathered Wings, Veteran’s Shoulder Scars
  • Familiars: Sprangyroo, Sunbeam Ursa, Nature Sprite, Water Sprite, Silver Ferret
  • Chests: FracturedLight Chest, Sunspot Crate, 2 Iron Chests, 3 Rusted Chests, 10,000 treasure and 50 gems
  • Dragons: Any two dragons in my lair past Stratford


  • You DO NOT have to be following me
  • Open to people who joined during the last registration ONLY
  • Reblog with your FR username and ID# and the breed of your custom progen
  • Ends October 22nd at 23:59 ST

Shale 101054

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My mirror zombies operate best in packs.Decay strokes the muscular head of one of the undead dragons, fresh blood flowing through it. They are fast and deadly, but short lived. And their bite is much like that of the onyx cobra, capable of spreading gembond.

They must be “recharged” with plague magic every day in order to thrive, or else they will return to bone and dust. Take care of it.


  • Reblog with your Flight Rising username and ID to enter!
  • One entry per person, likes do not count.
  • You don’t have to be following me.
  • Winner will be randomly decided on October 27th.


Shale 101054

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This is the greatest post in the universe.

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Dylan Moran - Like, Totally.

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Body comparisons.

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CAN THIS PLEASE BE A THING!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

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